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Advocating for a responsible and ethical approach to artificial intelligence.

Hassan Taher

Founder | AI Solutions
Author | The Rise of Intelligent Machines, AI and Ethics
Consultant, Expert & Speaker in the field of AI.


After graduating from university, Hassan Taher began writing articles on artificial intelligence for various tech publications. His work soon caught the attention of publishers, resulting in a book deal. 

The Rise of Intelligent Machines

Taher's first book became a bestseller and cemented his reputation as an authoritative figure in the AI field. 

The Future of Work in an AI-Powered World

Examines the impact of automation on various industries and the workforce.

AI and Ethics: Navigating the Moral Maze

Discusses the ethical implications of AI development

Speaking Engagements
& Consulting

Taher fills his calendar with regular speaking engagements at global conferences and events. He has become well-known for his ability to clearly explain complex AI concepts while communicating the importance of collaboration between humans and AI, as well as the need for thoughtful regulation to ensure the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies.


Taher also consults for corporations and government agencies on AI projects.

Taher AI Solutions

The firm specializes in providing guidance and strategic advice to companies and organizations looking to implement AI technology across various industries, such as healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. Under Taher's leadership, the firm has developed a reputation for ensuring that AI projects are developed and deployed ethically and responsibly.

Featured Press

At the forefront of global technology, Hassan Taher is often cited in various media.
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